Local Boxer

Below is a feature piece running sometime soon (no date yet) on local boxer Chris Alexander. You may remember the story of Coradaro Simpkins, an up and coming professional boxer who was senselessly murdered. Enter the pictured, Chris Alexander. Buddy Simpkins, father of the deceased Coradaro, decided to leave his gym open, reasoning that, "you never never know who might walk through that door." One day, Chris Alexander did. Out of boxing at the time, Alexander has revived his career and recently signed with manager Al Haymon, considered by many to be the most influential person in the sport. Alexander knew Coradaro Simpkins, and looked up to him as a younger fighter. As it turns out, they share the same birthday.

Local boxer Chris Alexander, left, spars with trainer Daniel Lamb, Monday, April 7, 2014 at the Box 'n Go Gym in Norfolk. Alexander is an up and coming professional boxer who just signed with major promoter Al Haymon.  (Jason Hirschfeld For The Virginian-Pilot)